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Theo Kefalas offers his clients several key and distinct advantages that cannot be found with other Business Brokers. Theo is a highly experienced and Award-Winning Entrepreneur, and Mergers and Acquisition professional with the support of a dedicated Marketing Manager on his team, plus a full in-house marketing team within a sister company at 460 Communications. His knowledge gained when founding, building, operating and selling his own multi-million dollar companies in a variety of industries is the basis of his expertise which has proven to be of great value to his clients.



Theo Kefalas, a highly experienced Mergers & Acquisition professional and the dedicated marketing team make up the Theo Kefalas Business Advisory Group. We expertly guide our clients throughout the entire process from initial assessment to final completion and beyond. Referrals and repeat business make up the vast part of our business since 2011. We competently and confidentially work with buyers and sellers of companies in the range of $500,000 to $50 million. The process of selling a business is complex and can be marred by obstacles and challenges that Theo Kefalas has the expertise and skill to help you navigate. 

Our business advisory services include:

* Targeting profitable business opportunities
* Strategic analysis of potential investments
* Evaluation of franchise investments
* Identification of prospective purchasers
* Negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
* Identification of financing alternatives
* Consultation on exit strategies

Our Advantages = Your Advantages

1. Relationships

With over 43 years of combined experience, our team has access to a vast network in a variety of industries upon which to connect into. Through our network of national and international offices, we have the unique advantage of being able to capitalize upon the extensive NAI network as well as our database of over 15,000 investors and business professionals.

2. Industry Experience

Whether you are selling a retail, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, service or distribution business, Theo Kefalas has experience both within an Entrepreneur and with representing a buyer or seller in virtually all the key industries.

3. Marketing

The team of Theo Kefalas includes a dedicated Marketing Manager, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Brokerage Administrative Support, a Seasoned Managing Broker with over 35 years of business consulting and real estate experience, as well as an in-house marketing team at 460 Communications (a sister company to NAI Commercial Central Van Isle.)

4. Confidentiality

We thoroughly understand that confidentiality is key to the business sales process. Customers, suppliers, employees, and competitors must not know that the business is on the market, and our team ensures the highest degree of confidentiality. All buyers are vetted through a comprehensive evaluation, and Non‐Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are signed before any confidential information is released. At the choice of our clients, all interested parties can be approved by the seller.

5. Real Estate Licensing

If the transaction involves the acquisition or disposition of 100% of the issued and outstanding shares or by assets that has a real estate component (sale or lease of real property, including an assignment of lease), a real estate license is required by third parties providing trading services in relation to the transaction. Working with Theo Kefalas and a team with the credentials to provide turnkey representation is critical to ensure a successful transaction and smooth transition. As a licensed commercial real estate professional, Theo Kefalas works under a strict code of ethics and is bound by law to be honest and thorough in representing you.

Licensed Agents must:
– Provide undivided loyalty to you (Client) by protecting your negotiating position at all times, and disclose to you all known facts which may impact or influence your decisions;
– Obey all lawful instructions which you give the REALTOR® to act on your behalf;
– Maintain the confidentiality of your information (financial, legal, personal, etc.) Use reasonable care and skill in performing all assigned duties in the role as agent.

6. Professionalism

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reputation in the industry. We work frequently with major banks, law firms, accounting firms and other M&A professionals throughout Western Canada. We feel confident that our work and reputation is deemed to be to the highest industry standards. Our repeat and referral business is a great testament to the quality of service we provide.

7. International Network

Though our focus is western Canada, Our deep roots are enhanced by our connection to NAI Global, a managed network of 7,000 professionals in 400 offices in over 55 countries worldwide. Through this network and personal networks we can source businesses around the world to meet our client’s needs. We have experience with immigration programs pertaining to the buying and selling of businesses, and can position certain business types to command a premium valuation from international investors looking to immigrate to Canada.

8. Valuations

Theo Kefalas reviews and value dozens of businesses each year. Ultimately the market dictates the final selling price, but it is imperative to ensure that businesses are correctly valued based on current market conditions. In the long run, the price has to meet the requirements of both the vendor and purchaser of a business and valuing a business correctly is paramount to ensure a good and doable deal. Our team uses a variety of valuation methods, depending on the nature of the business, to determine the most appropriate valuation.

9. Risk Assessment

Every opportunity has risk associated with it. At NAI we pride ourselves in working with our clients to identify and create mitigation strategies for the key risks associated with purchasing a business. It is impossible to remove all risk, but through meticulous identification process and years of experience we can assist our clients in adequately weighing the risks against the benefits to allow for better decision making processes.

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